We are now in the export business. Earlier we are top quality manufacturer and exporter of water buffalo horn plate and optical frame Knife handle, buffalo horn, jigged bone, revolver grip, gittar bone scale, airo horn plate, smooth horn scale, toperha...

We are regularly Selling: knife handle, buffalo horn, jigged bone, revolver grip, gittar bone scale, airo horn plate, smooth horn scale, toper handles, walking stick handle.

We are mainly dealing in : Water Buffalo Horn Plate for Optical Frame, Horn Degger, Jigged Bone Scale, Natural Buffalo Horn Plate, Scale, White Streak Scale, Toggles, Blanks, Handles, Spiral Handle / Rolls, Imitation Stag Bone Scales etc.

We are strictly monitoring the buyers' required specifications; quality control, proper packing, competitive rates and timely dispatch of material to our overseas buyers are responsible for development of our business.

We can supply you real Buffalo/Ox Horn button blanks, Rolls, Plates, Hollow Sheet as per your required sizes and colours. We assure you to maintain sizes and seperate colours as per your choice.


Buffalo horn is considered to be quite strong material, many people prefer using spectacle frames made from horns. Hence we are also manufacturing buffalo Horn Plates and cow horn button plates in various sizes in all colors as provided by the nature from solid horn tip as well as from hollow portion. In addition, we stand first amongst buffalo horn button plates manufacturer and suppliers of India.

We also offer Buffalo, Cow Horn & Bone Plates (Natural Horn Spectacle Frames, Etc) which are manufactured according to Customers Specifications. Buffalo Horn Bars (Seals) & Scales are also manufactured according to customer specifications.


Our Company offers the Best Designer Handmade Horn & Bone Buttons to the Fashion industries. These Handmade Buttons are made by artisans who have experience of many Years in this field. Each Button is unique in its design. Sizes also vary according to design patterns. These Buttons are also offered according to Customers own designs & specifications. Horn Toggles also add touch to the companies collection of Fashion Buttons & Fasteners. Horn Toggles are also available in various designs & sizes.

As, Indicated above, We offer Horn & Bone Handicrafts, Horn Belt Buckles, Horn Costume Jewelry, Horn & Bone Jewelry Box, Tribal Crafts, Horn Tiles, Horn Cutlery such as Salad Sets, Forks & Knives, Knife & Cutlery Handles, Horn Chess Set, Horn Powder, Horn Soap, Horn Bathroom Accessories of various designs are manufactured and offered to our clients.

Our horn to ensure the best Quality. One of the most desired Knife handle materials available. It works well with all types of power tools and will polish to a high luster. The buffalo horn sections can be cut with a scroll saw or carved. The larger Taper pieces can be carved, cut or used for scrimshaw work.